Name change

After searching for the original title "Poetry from a small Island" it would apear there are lots of sites with that name. So i've changed it. I've also added a comment bar at the bottom of each post.

Sunday, 30 January 2011


Some people have the irritating habit of wrong judgement.
I’m a legend in my mind
I’m a mystery in my time
You think you know
What I’m thinking of

You try to second guess
You think my minds a mess
Don’t try and think that
 You know me the best

You think my mind needs healing
And it’s not so appealing
But do you know the
Story from the start

And if you want to read
And you feel the need
Just skip a page
To see what’s coming next

If you still can’t follow
And the story is quite hollow
Just wonder where
The story’s coming from

Did you play a part?
In this story from my heart
Or maybe you didn’t have
A part to play at all

This book you call my mind
Has left you far behind
Try not to judge a book
 By its cover

Although it may perplex
There is no index
Don’t try to unlock
The mysteries of my mind