Name change

After searching for the original title "Poetry from a small Island" it would apear there are lots of sites with that name. So i've changed it. I've also added a comment bar at the bottom of each post.

Sunday, 30 January 2011


Inspired by the colours of the flora on the Isle of Luing

                                                     I want to learn the old ways
The customs and the skills
I want to go and gather
The colours from the hills

I want to make a sunset
With purple from the heather
I want to weave a cloth of gold
To protect me from the weather

I want to take the earth tones
The colours from the trees
I want to make a mantle
To protect me from the breeze

I want to work with natures colours
And make things so much brighter
I want to go and walk the hills
And make the white clouds whiter

I want to take a storm cloud
To capture shades of grey
I want to take the sunlight
And turn the night to day

                                                              I want to sprinkle starlight
Into a flowing stream
I want to sing a rainbow
In a multi coloured dream

I want go and bathe my face
In the first May morning dew
I want to gather raindrops
And paint a dark sky blue

I want to take nature’s palette
And scatter it far and wide
I want to take my world
And colour it with pride