Name change

After searching for the original title "Poetry from a small Island" it would apear there are lots of sites with that name. So i've changed it. I've also added a comment bar at the bottom of each post.

Sunday, 30 January 2011


One can only see the folly
In a one eyed view of life
A narrow minded vision,
Will only lead to strife.

For if on these shores
No stranger stepped
No history in the making
Tribes would be roaming still
Instead of bellyaching.

Imagine life without a stranger
No one to pursue
No history book
No written text
No one to bother you.

Then where would you be
You warrior race
Without enemy or foe
Running round in circles

“God send me some strangers”
Someone to bemoan
Let us build a nation
We can’t do this alone.

But this land was given to strangers
Strangers by the score
And “you are they, the chosen ones
So let’s not close the door

Give them your warmest welcome
A welcome to behold
This land was made for mans freedom
Not for you, alone.