Name change

After searching for the original title "Poetry from a small Island" it would apear there are lots of sites with that name. So i've changed it. I've also added a comment bar at the bottom of each post.

Thursday, 7 April 2011


An observation of a poor henpecked neighbor

I’m damned if I do
I’m damned if don’t
She says I will
I say I wont
Give the strength, to obey
Or she’ll make it hell
For the rest of the day
Don’t take it all lying down
Be a man and stand your ground
You wear the trousers
Or so you say
She says which ones you'll wear today
Give me the strength
And patience too
Or tomorrow you bugger you’ll stew
This is not my story
I was told what to say
Don’t let the truth get in the way
Tell it the way that it should be
Or you may find tomorrow
You'll be worse off than me