Name change

After searching for the original title "Poetry from a small Island" it would apear there are lots of sites with that name. So i've changed it. I've also added a comment bar at the bottom of each post.

Tuesday, 31 January 2017


Speak to me of the sea
Of oceans and some distant shore
Of storm ravaged mains
And where the maelstroms roar
Tell to me of the tall ship
And stars you steered her by
And the sound of breakers
Where ghosts of sailors cry
Speak to me of golden sands
Of exotic lands afar
Of people dressed in silk
What is south of Zanzibar?
Tell me of those mountains high
And deserts where Nomads roam
And where are those palaces
That a prince would call his home
Speak to me of mysteries
Of wonders to behold
Of kings and queens of foreign lands
And temples made of gold
Tell me I’m not dreaming
And what I see is true
And those pictures I see in your eyes
Hold visions of lands anew

I was inspired by a painting of 'The Boyhood of Raliegh' by John Everett Millais1829- 1896